[SOLVED] Xcopy files to the new directory in pro/pri file


how can I copy the entire directory with the contents to new path using pro file.
I tried “xcopy /S /I /Y” but its not working. Can someone point the error I am doing



    EXPORTED_SOURCE_PATH ~= s,/,\\,g

    QT += core
    QT -= gui

    CONFIG += c++11

    TARGET = sample
    CONFIG += console
    CONFIG -= app_bundle

    TEMPLATE = app

    SOURCES += main.cpp

    win32 {
        QMAKE_POST_LINK += $$quote(cmd /c xcopy /S /I /Y $${EXPORTED_SOURCE_PATH}\\copy_to_output $${EXPORTED_DESTINATION_PATH})


I think you looking for Qt deployment tool.

Deploying Qt Applications: Deploying a Qt application does not require any C++ programming. All you need to do is to build Qt and your application in release mode, following the procedures described in this documentation.

More info for deploying applications in windows here.

The Windows Deployment Tool:
The Windows deployment tool is designed to automate the process of creating a deployable folder containing the Qt-related dependencies (libraries, QML imports, plugins, and translations) required to run the application from that folder.

Also check my answer about Windeploy: https://stackoverflow.com/a/45531369/5068056

I explain it completely with screenshots.

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