[SOLVED] Xcode 7.3 very slow typing in one class


I’ve a strange problem with Xcode 7.3.

From one build to another the typing in one swift-class is extremly slow.
I’m not able to work.

I have two ViewControllers and I only have the problem in the first…
Class SecondViewController is fast as it should be…

Almost reinstalled Xcode and deleted everything from libary.
Tried this also: defaults write com.apple.dt.XCode IDEIndexDisable 1
And this: Build Settings –> Swift Compiler – Code generation –> Optimization Level –> Debug –> Fast, Whole Module Optimization
No success.



Dont use multiline comments!
It perfoms the parser down!
@T.Els Thank You!

Can someone explain me why?

Answered By – FLX

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