[SOLVED] WPF Ribbon ToolTip flickers


I have a very strange behavior on my Tooltips that are associated with dropdown items.

I’ve posted a video because it’s easier to see

My XAML looks something like this

 <RibbonGroup x:Name="PageRibbonGroup" Header="{x:Static p:Resources.Page_Ribbon_Group}" LargeImageSource="{svgc:SvgImage Source='pack://application:,,,/Resources/HomeTab/Page/page_group.svg'}">
                            <RibbonGallery x:Name="PagesListComboboxGallery" SelectedItem="{Binding XPath=.}" MaxColumnCount="1">
                                <RibbonGalleryCategory  x:Name="PagesListComboboxGalleryCategory" ItemsSource="{Binding}"/>
                                    <ToolTip Placement="Bottom" Content="ASDF" ToolTipService.ShowDuration="5000"/>

This happens from what I see on every tooltip that is on an Element that is in a dropdown.

I can’t find a reason on why this is happening.

I’ve also created a repo

For combobox and dropdown button you can reproduce this behavior, but for Button3 the Tooltip works fine.



Looks like a WPF Bug, that should be fixed in future .NET6 releases.

This behavior does not reproduce in .NET5.

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