[SOLVED] wpf how do I ensure that a line i draw isn't aliased away?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that if I draw a line in WPF and it is small enough, then the line will be aliased out. Also if a line is not drawn on a pixel then it may become dimmer. I assume that if a line is < 1 pixel wide it will also be dimmed by averaging the colors that are in that spot.

My goal is to draw a graph of a bunch of signals without having the lines I draw disappear or become dimmed to the point the user might not notice them.

Questions: if I draw a line with a width of 1 device independent pixels, is it guaranteed to be at least one pixel wide? if not, is there any way to ensure that a line is at least one pixel wide?


You have to speficy


in the header of your XAML



You can see the way it changes the line in this link

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