[SOLVED] Which is better? Qt Creator or Visual Studio IDE


I am currently using Qt Creator 1.3 for my Qt applications. I know it uses jom for make step which is better when we have multi-core processors. But besides that what are all the advantages of using both the IDEs? Dis advantages as well? I am using the CL compiler though for compiling my applications. Are there any other specific advantages and disadvantages of these IDEs?


I am using QtCreator for development of my Qt applications because I it better fits the Qt classes as such. However I use Visual Studio for Debugging those projects.


  • better Qt object support (help, navigation, etc.)
  • better GUI editor
  • some nice features like mouse navigation
  • really fast IDE
  • poor debugging (at least I don’t know how to efficiently use it here) compared to VS

Visual Studio (+Visual Assist):

  • great debugger
  • Visual Assist
  • easier project file configuration and customization (qmake is way too limited in some areas)
  • Visual Studio is my choice for C++ development (I’m used to it)
  • Qt integration is not that good (IMHO)

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