[SOLVED] Where can I get the list of available sku_names of Azure MySQL DB for using Terraform


I’m writing a Terraform script for creating Azure MySQL. While selecting the sku_name section, I couldn’t find how to select those names. I found this link that describes the pricing tiers. Is there anywhere can I get the list of sku_name and its details on a single link or page?

It is mentioned that the sku_name is of this form mentioned below:

sku_name – (Required) Specifies the SKU Name for this MySQL Server.
The name of the SKU, follows the tier + family + cores pattern (e.g.
B_Gen4_1, GP_Gen5_8).

But, from where do we get the list of options?


I always use az-cli to get this kind of information.

You can search for az <service> sku on google and it will usually point you in the right direction.

For Mysql you have:

az mysql server list-skus --location [--subscription]


az mysql server list-skus --location westeurope -o table


SKU         Tier             VCore    Generation
----------  ---------------  -------  ------------
B_Gen5_1    Basic            1        Gen5
B_Gen5_2    Basic            2        Gen5
GP_Gen5_2   GeneralPurpose   2        Gen5
GP_Gen5_4   GeneralPurpose   4        Gen5
GP_Gen5_8   GeneralPurpose   8        Gen5
GP_Gen5_16  GeneralPurpose   16       Gen5
GP_Gen5_32  GeneralPurpose   32       Gen5
GP_Gen5_64  GeneralPurpose   64       Gen5
MO_Gen5_2   MemoryOptimized  2        Gen5
MO_Gen5_4   MemoryOptimized  4        Gen5
MO_Gen5_8   MemoryOptimized  8        Gen5
MO_Gen5_16  MemoryOptimized  16       Gen5
MO_Gen5_32  MemoryOptimized  32       Gen5

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