[SOLVED] what will bw the output of this code? c++


#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int f(int i){
  int k=0;
        int k=i*10;
    else {
        int k= i++;
    cout <<k;
    return i;

int main()
    cout << f(1);
    cout << ".";
    cout << f(0);

    return 0;

This is the code, compiler shows "01.01" which i quite don’t understand, any help will be very much welcomed!


int k = i * 10; and int k = i++; are declarations of k that shadow the outer k. The statement std::cout << k; in the outer scope therefore always outputs zero.

The only effect of the if body is to increase i by 1. And it only does that if i is zero (or less). That value of i is returned printed.

Thus the output is 01.01. Armed with a line by line debugger, the shadowing effect will be obvious.

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