[SOLVED] (Vue.js) Importing values from one component to another, not sure if it can be done with props


I’m trying to learn vue and hit a small roadbump – is there a way for me to make this work? I want to push a new value into my items array with my Button component so then i can render it with the v-for. I know it would much be easier to put everything into one file, just curious if it can be done this way. Here is the code:


any help would be much appreciated 🙂


Sure this can be done the way you would like. One way to do it is to define the variables and the add function in the App.vue.

<script setup>
import { ref } from "vue";

const name = ref("");
const amount = ref(0);
const items = ref([]);

const addItem = () => {
  items.value.push = { name: name.value, amount: amount.value };
  name.value = "";
  amount.value = 0;

Bind name and amount with your inputs via v-model and bind addItem to your button with @click. You can use items as a prop for your ItemList component.

Your components need changes to work, but I hope this will give you some direction. Perhaps first make it work with plain html input and button elements and use {{ items }} to render the items array. Once that works you can create the custom components.

Hope this helps.

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