[SOLVED] Vue.js – Define path of vue route based on URL query params


Let’s assume I have this URL

I have defined a route in my route.js file like this

  path: '/public/form?code=:code',
  name: 'survey',
  component: () => import('./views/form')

which is supposed to reuse the same component based on the code query parameter coming from URL.

In my form.vue component I have defined a prop like this:

props: {
   code: {
       type: String,
       required: true

But this is not working, in the sense that I am not redirected to any page.

I think I’m doing wrong with how I defined the path of the route. How can I achieve this?


Do not define the query within the path

You should write like this:

  path: '/public/form',
  name: 'survey',
  component: () => import('./views/form')
router.push({ path: '/public/form', query: { code } })

And within the component you can access the query like this

const {code} = this.$route.query

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