[SOLVED] View logs of firebase functions in real time


I’m using the firebase functions and it’s the first time I use node.

My question is very simple, or so I think.

I create a simple function, where, theoretically, if a new field is added to the database, this function must react.

my code is the following:

const functions = require('firebase-functions');

'use strict';

exports.newItem = functions.database.ref('/test')
  .onCreate((snapshot, context) => {

    snapshot = change.after;
    const val = snapshot.val();

    console.log('i´m alive');

    return null;


I’m looking for where to see if the log that I have inside the “newItem” function is shown or not.

As I read, I use “firebase functions: log” from the console, but this returns previous logs, not real time.

I have also seen the use of: gcloud functions logs read, as I read here.

But this always returns: -bash: gcloud: command not found
I have installed “gcloud functions”, but I’m still lost.

I feel if the question is not very well explained, but in summary, I look for a console where to see the logs in real time, just like it does intelij or android studio with the tab logcat.

I would appreciate an explanation for beginners.

Thanks in advance and greetings.


You can see logs in real time using the Firebase console. Choose your project, click the Functions product on the left, then click the Logs tab.

Answered By – Doug Stevenson

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