[SOLVED] Using optional chaining operator for object property access


TypeScript 3.7 now supports the optional chaining operator. Hence, you can write code such as:

const value = a?.b?.c;

I.e., you can use this operator to access properties of an object, where the object itself may be null or undefined. Now what I would like to do is basically the same, but the property names are dynamic:

const value = a?[b]?.c;

However, there I get a syntax error:

error TS1005: ‘:’ expected.

What am I doing wrong here? Is this even possible?

The proposal seems to imply that this is not possible (but maybe I get the syntax examples wrong).


When accessing a property using bracket notation and optional chaining, you need to use a dot in addition to the brackets:

const value = a?.[b]?.c;

This is the syntax that was adopted by the TC39 proposal, because otherwise it’s hard for the parser to figure out if this ? is part of a ternary expression or part of optional chaining.

The way I think about it: the symbol for optional chaining isn’t ?, it’s ?.. If you’re doing optional chaining, you’ll always be using both characters.

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