[SOLVED] unction return values only working once in python


The code below runs and prints out the values returned from the two functions test_value(address) and checkRepeatCount(address) when i try to add the two value returned i None as the result. Anyway to fix this?

def check(address):
   ## define point variables
    pass_invalid_char = test_value(address)
    pass_repeat_count = checkRepeatCount(address)

    if pass_invalid_char == False:
        return print("Invalid character")
   total = pass_invalid_char+pass_repeat_count


Function 1 test_value

def test_value(value):
    return print(30)

Function 2 checkRepeatCount

def checkRepeatCount(value):
    return print(20)

Thats how im returning the function values


In both functions was returning a print statement with value

def test_value(value):
    return print(30)

I was supposed just to return the number on its own like so

def test_value(value):
    return 30

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