[SOLVED] Type 'undefined' is not assignable to type '(number | null)[]'


I have TS complaining about this code:

const data = values?.map((item: PointDTO) => item.y);

const chartData: ChartData = {
  datasets: [{ data }],

The error message is :

Type '(number | undefined)[] | undefined' is not assignable to type '(number | ScatterDataPoint | BubbleDataPoint | null)[]'.
  Type 'undefined' is not assignable to type '(number | null)[]'

So I changed my code to:

const data = values?.map((item: PointDTO) => item.y) ?? null;

But this didn’t solve my issue.

How can I solve this please?


Assuming that the following line is the one that is displaying the error:
datasets: [{ data }], you will need to change the first line of your example to the following:

const data = values?.map((item: PointDTO) => item.y).filter((y) => y !== undefined) ?? [];

Explanation to changes:

  • If the values variable was set to null – data would have originally been assigned with undefined by the optional operator. This is fixed by adding ?? [] at the end which will default the result to an empty array instead.
  • If any of the item.y properties were undefined, data would have originally been assigned with an array that contains undefined values as follows [undefined, undefined, 1234, undefined]. This is fixed by .filter((y) => y !== undefined) which removes any of the undefined entries from the array and would change the previous result to this [1234].

Answered By – Ovidijus Parsiunas

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