[SOLVED] Tween.js Not Calling onUpdate Function


I am using tweenjs and Typescript to change the x and y coordinates of a three.js cube. I created the following tween to change the x position of an item of class “FallingItem”.

this.movementArcData.horzTween = new TWEEN.Tween(this.movementArcData.pos.x)
                .to(this.movementArcData.newPos.x, this.movementArcData.movementTime * 1000)

where “this.movementArcData” is an object containing the following:

  • horzTween – the tween itself
  • pos.x – the original position of the item

  • movementTime – the time it takes to complete the movement, 2000 milliseconds

  • updateXPos – a member function of the a FallingItem object with the following code:

    this.mesh.position.x = this.movementArcData.pos.x;
    console.log(“update x: ” + this.movementArcData.pos.x);

horzTweenComplete – a member funtion of the FallingItem object with the following code:

    this.movementArcData.horzTweenComplete = true;

Neither the updateXPos or horzTweenComplete callback is getting fired.

I am calling TWEEN.update in my render loop like so:


Since the tween’s onComplete event never fires, the TWEEN.update is called constantly. What am I missing that is causing the tween not to work properly?


Tween.js needs to be passed the elapsed time, not a delta time. Passing a running elapsed time fixed the problem.

Also, it’s supposed to be passed an object containing the value you want interpolated. It looks like passing the value itself doesn’t work. I had success with this:

let tweenElement = {
                x: this.tweenInfo.pos.x,
                y: this.tweenInfo.pos.y,
                item: this

this.tweenInfo.tweenUp = new TWEEN.Tween(tweenElement)
                .to({y : this.tweenInfo.newPos.y}
                    , this.tweenInfo.movementTime * 0.5 * 1000)
                .easing( TWEEN.Easing.Cubic.InOut )
                    this.item.updateYPos(tweenElement, this)

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