[SOLVED] Trim string's suffix or extension?


For example, I have a string, consists of “sample.zip”. How do I remove the “.zip” extension using strings package or other else?


Edit: Go has moved on. Please see Keith’s answer.

Use path/filepath.Ext to get the extension. You can then use the length of the extension to retrieve the substring minus the extension.

var filename = "hello.blah"
var extension = filepath.Ext(filename)
var name = filename[0:len(filename)-len(extension)]

Alternatively you could use strings.LastIndex to find the last period (.) but this may be a little more fragile in that there will be edge cases (e.g. no extension) that filepath.Ext handles that you may need to code for explicitly, or if Go were to be run on a theoretical O/S that uses a extension delimiter other than the period.

Answered By – Paul Ruane

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