[SOLVED] Transparent section header?


I’m creating a transparent List with transparent rows and section headers.

But as soon as the rows slide under the section header, it automatically features a background blur. I understand the sentiment, but would like to opt out.

enter image description here

Did anyone manage to hide it somehow? Leaving the section header background entirely transparent?

struct HeaderView: View {
    var body: some View {
        ZStack {
            List {
                    header: VStack {
                        Text("Section 1")
                            .font(.system(size: 40))
                            .frame(height: 60)
                    content: {
                        ForEach(1...20, id: \.self) { eachRowIndex in
                            Text("Row \(eachRowIndex)")
            .padding(.top, 40)

Preferably iOS 13 SwiftUI, but I’m curious if there is anything to do with it in UIKit as well.


Add empty view to UITableViewHeaderFooterView

struct HeaderView: View {
    init() {
        UITableViewHeaderFooterView.appearance().backgroundView = UIView() // here

// Other code

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