[SOLVED] Tool(s) to simulate typing commands in a terminal from a shell script?


Is there a tool to simulate typing of commands in a terminal from a shell script file?
Commands need to execute one-by-one and interactively i.e. user can control when the next command will execute from the script file.

For reference, in the below Youtube video from Nginx, the presenter is using a tool they found on Github to simulate typing of Docker commands which are already present in a pre-written script file.

YouTube video (watch from 03:15): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Tzzucx-oQ

It seems like a really neat and useful tool, especially for live demos where we need to execute terminal commands.
Unfortunately, the presenter has not provided any name or reference to the tool.

Does anyone know which tool this is or has references to similar projects?


It looks like the scripted demo is this one:


And the tool that he used is most likely from here:


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