[SOLVED] TALEND: How to extract JSON response body from API into Table in Talend?


I create a job in Talend to extract data from an API to MySQL table.
I used tRest as input(data pull), and tLogRow for now to view it in table form.

I lost it at mapping the json response into column for each of the field and value.

Sample from components I used in the job

but the response was in one string line, when it’s prettier formatted:

                {"id":8, "name":"Alex"},
                {"id":9, "name":"John"}

how can I turn this response and map into table like below

id name
8 Alex
9 John

Glad if you guys have the working example too. Or using different components might help?


Here’s how to set up tExtractJSONFields:
enter image description here

Loop path query needs to be:


And just use the attribute names as json query for for each column.
The output:

|8 |Alex|
|9 |John|

Answered By – Ibrahim Mezouar

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