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Please help me with the below issue that I have in Tableau while trying to construct the relationship data model between 4 separate tables(source mySQL):


I have a main dim table with the names of several partners, primary key Partner_ID. The tables General_Contracts and Additional_Contracts contain this field, so I can do a relationship between all 3 using this key. The problem is that I need to link a fourth table, Dim_ThirdParty, which is another dimension table, that contains the primary key ThirdParty_ID, and I need to link it to the two fact tables, General_Contracts, and Additional_Contracts.

How can I do this efficiently in Tableau? In Power BI the solution is very simple, as you are able to create multiple links between tables. But in Tableau?

I tried connecting the main dimension table Partners to the two Dim tables (see print screen attached), but how can I link the second dim Table, without having to link it to each table separately, resulting in a weird-looking data model? Would it be better to join each fact table in the logical layer?

enter image description here


Tableau doesn’t support any kind of relationship arrangement where you can trace a circle around the tables involved (as you would have if Dim_ThirdParty were a single point in your diagram).

You have two options to resolve this:

  1. Union Fact_General_Contracts and Fact_Additional_Contracts into a single table with an additional column to allow measures to distinguish between the two (or suitable count columns with 0\null for the wrong row types).
  2. Use a cross join to merge Dim_Partners and Dim_ThirdParty leaving you with a single dimension holding every valid combination of the two and then join the two on the pair ok keys.

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