[SOLVED] Table doesn't exist After Creating a Temp Table


Hi I am creating a temp table and insert a record using

CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE temp_table_extension_details (
                  `Id` int NOT NULL,
                  `model_code` varchar(10),
                  `model_description` varchar(50),
                  `eta` varchar(100),
                  `options` varchar(100),
                  `order_numbers` varchar(200),
                  PRIMARY KEY(Id)

 INSERT INTO temp_table_extension_details (model_code,model_description,eta,options,order_numbers) 

I tried this using PHPMyadmin and it says # 1 row affected.

but when i try to select the data using

SELECT * FROM temp_table_extension_details 

It gives me an error and says

SELECT * FROM temp_table_extension_details 
 LIMIT 0, 25 
MySQL said: Documentation

#1146 - Table 'trans.temp_table_extension_details' doesn't exist .

Is there any reson for this , i want to create a temp table and insert some data , later i will select all the data from it and delete the temp table .

Thanks in advance .


Temporary tables only exist during the connection. If you create it with one query and then do a separate query on a new connection it is already gone.

Answered By – Chris Muench

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