[SOLVED] SwiftUI 2.0 CoreData issues with new project – 'Cannot find type 'Item' in scope'


[EDIT] I was hoping that Apple would have fixed what is obviously a bug. The solution is to clear the cache, close and reopen Xcode..

I am on Xcode Beta and starting a new project and without writing a single line of code I already get an error. I could not find anything online. Perhaps is this too new?

In the new version of Xcode I selected new Project,

selecting new project

then ticked the box with Core Data

ticking the box Core Data

If I do not tick the box I would get the usual Xcode SwiftUI template with "hello world", but ticking the Core Data box I get a ton more template code from Apple and without touching anything and without changing a single line of code, I get an error message compiling it..


The error is: "Cannot find Item in scope"

Quite frustrating, especially because all tutorials I have start with the classic ‘AppDelegate’ file configuration.. while the new SwiftUI is ‘universal’!

I checked the file .xcdatamodeld and it looks fine, and has the ‘Item’ entity. Why it doesn’t compile?

So I am now at a loss, is there a solution or this is a bug and need to wait that Apple releases a fix. If so I do not need to start with a new project until then!

PS Today I cleaned the cache with CMD-ALT-SHIFT-K, closed Xcode, deleted the app from the simulator, reopened, rebuilt and it did compile.. but nothing in the simulator! We are making progress! Still I did not change a line of code. Everything is the Apple template yet!

enter image description here


The normal Xcode clearing works for me:

  1. Clean build folder (SHIFT + COMMAND + K)

  2. Quit Xcode completely

  3. Delete the project’s contents in, DerivedData/{Project Name}_some_hash

    The default location is ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData, but if it’s nowhere to be found, check the Derived Data property under, Xcode → Preferences → Locations

  4. Try again (run Xcode & build)

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