[SOLVED] Swift gRPC program not found


Hi i want to use swift gRPC and install in my mac, i already install with homebrew but can’t generate the plugins.

The error message is

protoc-gen-swiftgrpc: program not found or is not executable
Please specify a program using absolute path or make sure the program is available in your PATH system variable

The truth is i don’t know how to put edit and add PATH in my ~/bash_profile

When i check in my terminal with

which protoc-gen-swift

it return


i already search the article but there is no swift solution in this problem. Please help me i’m desperate with it.


I found my solution, i think when it comes to swift grpc is hard to find the right tutorial. The problem i have is when i called protoc to generate in my terminal it failed to generate even though i have my plugin install.

There is a typo in this tutorial swift grpc

I just change the command from this

protoc –swiftgrpc_out=. MyProto.proto

to this

protoc –grpc-swift_out=. MyProto.proto

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