[SOLVED] Swift Enum Equatable expected argument issue


I am using an enum as follows:

enum Views: Equatable {
    case home
    case poules(pouleID: String?)

I have to set an enum variable to .home or .poules. Poules can also have an argument like: router.currentView = .poules(pouleID: "TEST").

However, when I want to test if the variable is of type .home or .poules (and no not want to extract the parameter), I get the following error:

if router.currentView == .poules { // <--- (Error: Member 'poules(pouleID:)' expects argument of type 'String')
    // Do something

What am I doing wrong here? I have used the same structure for other Enums and have not experienced any problems there.


One simple way to test if a variable is of type .poules is to move the actual comparison inside a computed property of the enum. This also makes sense since this comparison isn’t really what you would use for Equatable

var isAnyPoules: Bool {
    if case .poules = self { return true }

    return false

This will make it easier to perform the check

if router.currentView.isAnyPoules 


.transition(viewRouter.originView.isAnyPoules ? X : X)

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