[SOLVED] String manipulation in a Python program


I have the following string :’Circa 54.000.000 risultati (0,54 secondi)’

I want to get only the second number (54.000.000) as a float (or int so I can use this value to determinate if it is higher than a given number).

search= search.replace("Circa", "")
search= search.replace("secondi","")

The result is used to take the element from the html and by using .replace I manage to have the following string:’54.000.000 (0,54)’.

From there how can I get 54.000.000 as a number?


You can use regex, first you need remove . and replace , to ..

import re 

s = 'Circa 54.000.000 risultati (0,54 secondi)'
s = s.replace(".","").replace(",",".")
# s = 'Circa 54000000 risultati (0.54 secondi)' 

a = re.findall(r'[0-9][0-9,.]+', s)
# ['54000000', '0.54']
num = int(a[0])
# 54000000

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