[SOLVED] String comparison using BigQuery


I have a table with people and their hometown names, but there are same cities with different written, see:

Name Hometown
João São Paulo
Maria Sao Paul
Pedro São Paulo.
Maria S. Paulo

And I need to process this in order to formalize that data to be like this:

Name Hometown
João São Paulo
Maria São Paulo
Pedro São Paulo
Maria São Paulo
  • The dataset has more than 2400 distinct values so I can’t hard code.
  • I have a Country table dimension with all cities and their correct names.

I tried this stack and would it be exactly what I need but does not work with my entire dataset.


Consider below approach (considering you have lookup table with all proper cities names) for purpose of example – I have it as CTE with just few ones

with cities as (
  select 'São Paulo' as city union all 
  select 'Los Angeles' union all 
  select 'Dnipro' union all 
  select 'Kyiv'
select Name, City as Hometown
from your_table 
left join cities 
on soundex(Hometown) = soundex(city)      

if applied to sample data in your question – output is

enter image description here

Note: you obviously need to take care of potential duplication in case if some cities sounds similar, in this case adding country constraints might help …

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