[SOLVED] Storing The Sliced Character from .slice Method


When I utilise the slice method like so:


The result I get will be “Hell”. Then if I run through that again using the same code, I will get “Hel”.

Is there a way that I can extract and store into a variable the actual character that was sliced off, in this case “H” or on the second run “e”, and not just the remainder of the string?


You could just use a second .slice() on the original string.

For example, where "Hello".slice(0,-1); returns all but the last character, "Hello".slice(-1) returns only the last character.

var input = "Hello";
var removed = input.slice(-1);       // "o"
var remaining = input.slice(0, -1);  // "Hell"

I don’t think there’s a more generic solution than that, because .slice() also lets you extract the middle of a string, in which case you’d need two extra calls to get the two parts being removed.


var input = "Hello";
var allRemoved = [];
var removed;
while (input != "") {
  allRemoved.push(removed = input.slice(-1));
  input = input.slice(0, -1);
  console.log("'" + removed + "' removed, leaving '" + input + "'");
console.log("Removed: " + allRemoved.join(", "));

Alternatively, if you only care about removing characters one at a time, you could forget about .slice() and instead convert the string to an array and use .shift() or .pop() to remove the character at the beginning or end respectively:

var input = "Hello";
var inArr = input.split("");
while (inArr.length > 0) {

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