[SOLVED] Split string on the first white space occurrence


I didn’t get an optimized regex that split me a String basing into the first white space occurrence:

var str="72 tocirah sneab";

I need to get:

    "tocirah sneab",


If you only care about the space character (and not tabs or other whitespace characters) and only care about everything before the first space and everything after the first space, you can do it without a regular expression like this:

str.substring(0, str.indexOf(' ')); // "72"
str.substring(str.indexOf(' ') + 1); // "tocirah sneab"

Note that if there is no space at all, then the first line will return an empty string and the second line will return the entire string. Be sure that is the behavior that you want in that situation (or that that situation will not arise).

Answered By – Trott

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