[SOLVED] Sort 2D String Array with respect to a column in Java


I have String array which has 3 columns (id, name, city), I want to sort the array in ascending order with respect to name column. Please help me with this.

String[][] array1 = {{"54","jim","delhi"},

Expected output should be:

array1 = {{"67","dwight","bangalore"},


Use stream and Comparator Then you could sort that array how ever you want :

String[][] array1 = {{"54", "jim", "delhi"},
        {"67", "dwight", "bangalore"},
        {"39", "pam", "pune"}};

List<String[]> collect1 = Arrays.stream(array1).sorted(Comparator.comparing(a -> a[1])).collect(Collectors.toList());
String[][] sortedArray = new String[array1.length][3];
for (int i = 0; i < collect1.size(); i++) {
    sortedArray[i] = collect1.get(i);

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