[SOLVED] Setting the default value of a DateTime Property to DateTime.Now inside the System.ComponentModel Default Value Attrbute


Does any one know how I can specify the Default value for a DateTime property using the System.ComponentModel DefaultValue Attribute?

for example I try this:

public DateTime DateCreated { get; set; }

And it expects the value to be a constant expression.

This is in the context of using with ASP.NET Dynamic Data. I do not want to scaffold the DateCreated column but simply supply the DateTime.Now if it is not present. I am using the Entity Framework as my Data Layer




You cannot do this with an attribute because they are just meta information generated at compile time. Just add code to the constructor to initialize the date if required, create a trigger and handle missing values in the database, or implement the getter in a way that it returns DateTime.Now if the backing field is not initialized.

public DateTime DateCreated
      return this.dateCreated.HasValue
         ? this.dateCreated.Value
         : DateTime.Now;

   set { this.dateCreated = value; }

private DateTime? dateCreated = null;

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