[SOLVED] SceneKit's "allowsCameraControl" equivalent in RealityKit


In SceneKit SDK to allow controlling a camera movement you need to set a parameter called .allowsCameraControl to true.

var scnView = SCNView(frame: .zero)
scnView.allowsCameraControl = true

What parameter for controlling a camera (dolly in, dolly out) is used in RealityKit?

var arView = ARView(frame: .zero)
// ???

Any help appreciated.


At the moment RealityKit 2.0 has no SceneKit’s equivalent called .allowsCameraControl for moving and rotating virtual camera. Cupertino engineers consider that there’s no need to have such a control because RealityKit is rather AR-sentric framework than VR-sentric one.

For further details, look at this post.

Answered By – Andy Jazz

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