[SOLVED] Run time choice of method using std::bind. Problem with access to variable


I need to choice the particular method of the class at the run time. To do it I use std::bind. Below is an example demonstrating what I do:

class bc {
    bc(int, double);
    std::function<double(double)> f; //pointer to function which will be binded with f1 or f2 
    void setVal(double v) {val = v;} //method allowing to change val

    double val;  //some variable used by f1 and f2
    double f1(double v) {return 2*v*val;} 
    double f2(double v) {return 3*v*val;}

bc::bc(int fid, double v)    //depends on fid the f1 or f2 is chosen for binding
    using namespace std::placeholders;
    this->val = v;
    if(fid == 1)
        f = std::bind(&bc::f1, *this, _1);
        f = std::bind(&bc::f2, *this, _1);

So depends on the value of fid given to the constructor the necessary implementation (f1 or f2) is chosen. Then in the main:

int main()
    bc my(1, 2.0);
    std::cout << my.f(1) << std::endl; //1
    std::cout << my.f(1) << std::endl; //2
    return 0;

The first output from string //1 is as expected: 4 .
But the second output (//2) is also 4, while it should be 10, because the value of val should be changed to 5 by my.setVal(5.0).

I expect that something like a copy of the class was made at the stage of binding, and the change of the val by my.setVal(5.0) have no effect on this "copy".

How can I solve this problem? Or may be there is a better way to make run time choice between several implementations of some function.


*this causes a copy of the current object to be bound, use this or std::ref(*this) instead.

Answered By – Alan Birtles

Answer Checked By – Mary Flores (BugsFixing Volunteer)

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