[SOLVED] Replace all "=" but not "==" that are not in single quotes with regular expression in Java



age=10 and address='a==c=d' and age==100 and abc = 22


age = 10 and address='a==c=d' and age==100 and abc = 22


age = 10 now has space, age==100 remains unchanged, abc = 22 becomes abc = 22, content inside single quotes is not changed

Have similar regular expressions that work for other symbols:
For example ,the below expressions replace < but not <= that is not in a single quote

        joined = joined.replaceAll("<(?![=])(?=(?:[^\\\']*\\\'[^\\\']*\\\')*[^\\\']*$)", " < ");
        joined = joined.replaceAll(">(?![=])(?=(?:[^\\\']*\\\'[^\\\']*\\\')*[^\\\']*$)", " > ");
        #example: age  <=  10 and address='<==c<d' and age==100 age   <    2

Getting undesired result when using the same pattern for ‘=’

E.g. Applying =(?![=])(?=(?:[^\']*\'[^\']*\')*[^\']*$)

on this string -> age = 10 and address='a==c=d' and age==100 , the == is also matched

May check the result in

Attempted different combinations
the closest I can get so far is
this matches = exactly one time with optional space on the sides.
However it targets = inside single quotes as well, which is not wanted.





has been replaced with


=(?![=]) matches an equal sign followed by not an equal sign. This means that in ==1, the first = is not matched because it’s followed by an =, but the second is followed by a 1, so it gets matched.

(?<=[^=])=(?=[^=]) matches an equal sign, but only if the character before is not an equal sign ((?<=[^=]) positive lookbehind) as well as if the next character is also not an equal sign ((?=[^=]) positive lookahead)

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