[SOLVED] Replace a word with multiple lines using sed?


I’m working on a bash-script that has to prepare an E-Mail for being sent to a user.

It aggregates some data, which ends up being multiple lines of stuff. For the example stored in $DATA.

Now, after a bit of stfw I found a few things like sed -ei "s/_data_/${DATA}/g" mail.tpl and also sed replace with variable with multiple lines. None of them work.

Now the question is, how do I get sed to replace something with multiple lines of text?

(Alternatives to sed are also welcome!)


If you build your multiple line text with “\n“s, this will work with a simple sed command as:

DATA=`echo ${DATA} | tr '\n' "\\n"`
#now, DATA="line1\nline2\nline3"
sed "s/_data_/${DATA}/" mail.tpl

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