[SOLVED] Repeat each row n times (with random numbers intact) in google sheets


My goal is to generate 10 random phone numbers for each area code:


In cell B3 I have the following formula:


which is responsible for generating 7 numbers (excluding area code) between 0 and 9 for each row.

The full phone number should have 10 numbers in total (including area code)

I also want to concatenate each area code with the 7 random numbers and repeat each full number (which would be in one cell now) 10 times (10 random numbers for code 111, etc…).

I want the RANDARRAY function to stay dynamic while repeating I don’t want to repeat a static number.

Any idea on how this might be done?




 RANDARRAY(4, 3)*10^20, "0"), "\d{7}")))

enter image description here

with secondary dash:

 RANDARRAY(4, 10)*10^20, "0"), "\d{7}")), "(.+-\d{3})(\d{4}$)", "$1-$2"))

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