[SOLVED] Remove elements from one array and add them to a new array


I have an array of objects containing world countries with some additional information e.g.

countries = [
    flag: 'assets/flags/angola.svg',
    code: 'AGO',
    name: 'Angola',
    regions: [{
      name: 'Luanda'
    flag: 'assets/flags/albania.svg',
    code: 'ALB',
    name: 'Albania',
    regions: [{
      name: 'Korça'
    }, {
      name: 'Tirana'
    }, {
      name: 'Gjirokastër'

I want to extract three of my favorite countries into a new array while removing them from the original array so I end up with two arrays one for my favorite countries and one for the rest of the countries.

I managed to achieve this the following way:

public createCountriesList(allCountries: Country[]) {

let topCountries: Country[] = [];
let restOfCountries: Country[];

allCountries.forEach((element) => {
  switch (element.code) {
    case 'HRV':
    case 'AT':
    case 'GER':

restOfCountries = allCountries.filter((c) => {
  return !topCountries.includes(c);

It works, but I was wondering if there is a more elegant way to do this?


You can just use regular filter to split the array:

const isTop = ({code}) => ['HRV','AT','GR'].includes(code);
const topCountries = allCountries.filter(isTop);
const restOfCountries = allCountries.filter((contry) => !isTop(contry));

Another way, you can add a property that shows whether this country is top or not, and filter by this key

const withTop = countries.map((e) => ({...e, top: ['AGO','AT','GR'].includes(e.code)}));

// {
//   code: "AGO"
//   flag: "assets/flags/angola.svg"
//   name: "Angola"
//   regions: [{…}]
//   top: true
// }

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