[SOLVED] Regex JS- find two groups in a string using regex


I am trying to understand how can I get 2 captured groups with regex(JS), from the following string:

"Group: i_am_group |SubGroup: i_am_sub_group"

I want to get in the end: group1: i_am_group and group2: i_am_sub_group

the rules are-

Extract the first word after "Group: " into group1
Extract the first word after "SubGroup: " into group2

I need to implement those two rules with regex so I can run it with match() function in javaScript

I was trying to do the following:

(?<=Group:\s)(\w+) ((?<=|SubGroup:\s)(\w*))

and the result was:


Thanks in advance.


| has special meaning in regular expressions, it’s used to specify alternatives. You need to escape it to match it literally.

There’s no need to use lookbehinds when you’re capturing the part after that. The purpose of lookarounds is to keep them out of the matched string, but if you’re only interested in the capture groups this is irrelevant.

This regexp should work for you:

Group:\s(\w+) \|SubGroup:\s(\w*)


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