[SOLVED] Redirecting specific requests from old domain


I’m already redirecting an old domain via a 301 redirect but I’ve noticed that I’m getting lots of requests for certain files and pages from the old site. How can I redirect these requests so that it just loads the new site? I’d like to do this for specific files only.

Edit: The website is on shared hosting, but I can edit the web.config file of course.


You’ll have to create an entry in IIS for each file. Create the path structure on disk under the site’s root and on that page in IIS create a redirect for the file in question. You can use notepad and explorer to make those files.

That’s the fastest manual way I know of in IIS6. IIS7 should be easier tho. In IIS7 you could edit the application host file.

EDIT: see also ~ Which redirection is better – web.config or global.asax

EDIT: see also ~ http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms228302.aspx

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