[SOLVED] Redirect to login when unauthorized in ASP.NET Core


In the previous ASP.NET MVC, there was an option to redirect to the login action, if the user was not authenticated.

I need the same thing with ASP.NET Core, so I:

  1. created a ASP.NET Core project from the Visual Studio template
  2. added [Authorize] to some arbitrary action
  3. opened the corresponding view in my browser

I don’t expect a redirect because I haven’t configured it. BUT, it automatically redirects to the login action!

Where/how is this option set?


You can configure the path using CookieAuthenticationOptions class.

Something like this.

app.UseCookieAuthentication(new CookieAuthenticationOptions {
        LoginPath = new PathString("/Login/"),
        AuthenticationType = "My-Magical-Authentication",
        // etc...

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