[SOLVED] Read environment variables in ASP.NET Core


Running my ASP.NET Core application using DNX, I was able to set environment variables from the command line and then run it like this:

set ASPNET_ENV = Production
dnx web

Using the same approach in 1.0:

dotnet run

does not work – the application does not seem to be able to read environment variables.


returns null

What am I missing?


Your problem is spaces around =.

This will work (attention to space before closing quote):

Console.WriteLine(Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT "));

The space after ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT in this code is not a typo! The problem in the question was having extra space (in SET…), so you must use the same space in GetEnvironmentVariable().

As noted by Isantipov in a comment, an even better solution is to remove the spaces entirely from the SET command:


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