[SOLVED] Reactotron giving "SKIPPED" for response of network calls


I was using Reactotron version 1 for logging my network response in my react native app, everything was working fine, recently i changed my Reactotron version to version 2.1.2, and after that i started getting skipped in my response tab in reactotron app.

I didn’t change anything in my reactotron setup in my code

      .configure() // controls connection & communication settings
      .useReactNative()// add all built-in react native plugins
      .connect(); // let's connect!

Need help to figure out why it is happening?

enter image description here


This is a known issue which already is fixed on master: Reactotron Pull Request #837. Unfortunately they haven’t yet released a new npm package, and it looks like they’re focusing a major next version instead, so you can either patch your npm package manually or wait for a new release.

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