[SOLVED] Qtcreator cannot create new project


I have installed Qtcreator (version 6.0.2) on my windows 10 machine (Qt version: 5.15.2, visual studio 2019 x86). The problem is that the list of presets (template projects) is empty and the create button is grayed out, so I cannot create any new project.
Some facts: I have used QT online installer to install the all package (QT, Qtcreator,…). In the setting (tools-> options-> kits) I see that the QT and the compiler are detected. I can compile and run the example projects.
Could anyone help me with this problem?


It seems that because of plugins. I’ve disabled then enabled some plugins (try a group then another). The issue was gone. You can try this way (Help > About Plugins).

Answered By – aviit

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