[SOLVED] QTableView signal or event for "row height changed"


I’ m looking for an Event or Signal like “row height changed” that is called if the user changes the height of a row in my QTableView. I want to use this signal to resize all other rows in the QTableView to the new height. I didn’ t find such an Event or Signal so I reckon there must be some kind of handy workaround.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Row resizing is performed by the vertical QHeaderView. The object emmiting it is QTableView::verticalHeader()

the signal you are interested in is

void QHeaderView::sectionResized ( int logicalIndex, int oldSize, int newSize )

This signal is emitted when a section is resized. The section’s logical number is specified by logicalIndex, the old size by oldSize, and the new size by newSize.

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