[SOLVED] Qt simple note pad, print line number on status bar of QmainWindow


I have created simple notepad from Qt/C++. I want to print the line number on status bar of QMainWindow when I click somewhere on the text area, like notepad of Microsoft Windows

Status bar with line number


You can connect the cursorPositionChanged() signal of your text area to a custom slot of your QMainWindow:

// the connection
connect(ui->plainTextEdit, SIGNAL(cursorPositionChanged()), this, SLOT(showCursorPos()));
// your custom slot
void MainWindow::showCursorPos()
    int line = ui->plainTextEdit->textCursor().blockNumber()+1;
    int pos = ui->plainTextEdit->textCursor().columnNumber()+1;
    ui->statusBar->showMessage(QString("Ln %1, Col %2").arg(line).arg(pos));

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