[SOLVED] Qt Background Image for a QPushButton


I need to put an image from the internal resources as a background image of a QPushButton. I need also to adapt the size of the image to the size of the button.
I have found here some way to do that, but nothing seems to work.
In the last reply it was suggested the use of the following code:

QPixmap pixmap("image.jpg");
QPalette palette;    
QPushButton *button= new QPushButton(this);
palette.setBrush(button->backgroundRole(), QBrush(pixmap));

So I took that code and changed it a bit ’cause I’m using a ui made with QTCreator:

void MyDialog::SetBgImage(QWidget *pButton)
    QPixmap pixmap(":/Icons/images/Sfondo.png");
    QPalette palette = pButton->palette();
    palette.setBrush(pButton->backgroundRole(), QBrush(pixmap)); // 1
    QPushButton *pPButton = qobject_cast<QPushButton *>(pButton);
    if (pPButton!=NULL)
   pButton->setPalette(palette); // 2


In the constructor I call it in this way:


when the dialog is showed the button is displayed correctly. Unfortunately when I close the dialog I get the following error message:

* glibc detected * ./MyAppName: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x0047dc78 ***

If I remove the line marked with //1 or the line marked with //2 the error disappear.

Any ideas?



Or change stylesheet from designer.

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