[SOLVED] QProcess Backup Database on QT C++


I want to backup my database with qprocess in QT program, the code is as follows, but 0kb occurs when backing up and when I look at the error Qprocess: Destroyed while process("mysqldump.exe") is still runnuing.

QProcess dump(this);
QStringlist args;
QString path="C:/Users/mahmut/Desktop/dbbackupfile/deneme.sql";


Can you help to me? ı do not understand this error and okb back up file.


Your program terminates before process finished, you need to either use static bool QProcess::startDetached(program, arguments, workingDirectory) or add dump.waitForFinished(); to the end.

Also, you dont need to add ">" to arguments. You already redirected output with dump.setStandardOutputFile(path), ">" does not work with process as it requires shell to execute command, QProcess does not use shell it just runs one process not shell expression.

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