[SOLVED] Python – How to check list monotonicity


What would be an efficient and pythonic way to check list monotonicity?
i.e. that it has monotonically increasing or decreasing values?


[0, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4]   # This is a monotonically increasing list
[4.3, 4.2, 4.2, -2]  # This is a monotonically decreasing list
[2, 3, 1]            # This is neither


It’s better to avoid ambiguous terms like “increasing” or “decreasing” as it’s not clear if equality is acceptable or not. You should always use either for example “non-increasing” (clearly equality is accepted) or “strictly decreasing” (clearly equality is NOT accepted).

def strictly_increasing(L):
    return all(x<y for x, y in zip(L, L[1:]))

def strictly_decreasing(L):
    return all(x>y for x, y in zip(L, L[1:]))

def non_increasing(L):
    return all(x>=y for x, y in zip(L, L[1:]))

def non_decreasing(L):
    return all(x<=y for x, y in zip(L, L[1:]))

def monotonic(L):
    return non_increasing(L) or non_decreasing(L)

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