[SOLVED] python — calling function in one script from another script when there are multiple functions


I currently have 2 scripts test.py and connections.py. test.py is currently being used to just test code to be able to incorporate into other scripts. connections.py contains a set of functions to create a MySQL connection, close connection, and execute SQL statement.

The connections.py is to be used by multiple scripts that need to connect to the database. I know how to call the appropriate function when within the same script and I know how to call a function in another script when there is only one function in the script.

What I can’t figure out is how to call the right function when there are multiple functions. Through google/stackoverflow all the examples I have found are when there is only one function or the call is being made in the same script.

I have tried using a class with functions in it and just a file with functions. Code below is without class. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am also using python 3.5 on windows 10 and it will eventually be moved to a UNIX machine if that makes any difference.


import connections as c

sql = "select * from tbl"
sqlRec = c.select_stmt(sql)     # this is the command I need help with


import mysql.connector as MySQL

def connection():
    #set up connection
    con = MySQL.connect(user='xxx',password='xxx',host='xxx',db='xxx')
    cursor = con.cursor()
    return con, cursor

def close_connection(cursor,conn):

def select_stmt(sql):
    con, cursor = connection()
    sqlRec = cursor.fetchall()
    return sqlRec

def insert_update_stmt(sql):
    con, cursor = connection()

#if __name__ == '__main__':
#    function_name_when_single_func(sql)  //With a single function I had these uncommented and this worked to run function from another script


use from file import *
all the functions in that file should be callable

otherwise you can import specific functions e.g.
from file import function

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