[SOLVED] Poor performance on React-Native application (iOS and Android)


So I have a question about my application.
Details about the app:

  • It’s made in React-Native
  • it’s like a social-media
  • You can post videos
  • You have profile/notifications etc

So, my problem is with the loading screen. Every time I switch between tabs on the menu bar, first I get the loading screen, then the actual page. Even if I switch back and forth fast, I have the same result.

My question is:
Do I need CDN? I know I need CDN for videos(I don’t have at the moment), but the pages without CDN should run smooth, rigt?


For react-native app’s views:

  • Ensure to include all general images in the assets, and don’t use CDN there.

  • The images should not be too heigh resolution, as resize takes process time.

  • Lastly, you must be showing a custom-loading manually, as experience shows (for me tabs open instantly).

    • The loading should only cover what is being loaded, not entire view.

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