[SOLVED] Pine-script for loop inside function


I’m trying to create a loop to go over the last bars and figure out what the average gain is when the hma is sloping up. But I’m getting an error I don’t understand. Is it not possible to have a loop inside a function?

My code:

// Get Average Gains on long streaks
getAverageGain(hmaValue) =>
    gainStart = 0.00
    gainAmount = 0.00
    gainCount = 0
    gaining = hmaValue[1] < hmaValue
    for i=0 to 2000
        if gaining[i] and not gaining[i+1]
            gainStart := hmaValue[i]
        if gaining[i+1] and not gaining[i] and gainStart != 0.00
            gainAmount += ((hmaValue[i+1] - gainStart) / gainStart) * 100
            gainCount ++


There is no ++ operator in pinescript. Change it to gainCount := gainCount + 1.

You can see the list of operators in pinescript from here.

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