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I have $tutorial->difficulty which sometimes has multiple outputs, and for each output that goes into the breakCommas function, I need to output a link for each one. Currently with how I have it, when $tutorial->difficulty outputs multiple items, it basically clumps them all into a single link. From what I’ve read I realize you can’t have multiple outputs per function. Any ideas how I can separate it to where it outputs multiple links?


function breakCommas($str) {
  return ('<a href="'.str_replace(' ','-',strtolower($str)).'-tutorial">'.$str.'</a>');




try this function:

function breakCommas($str) {
    $s = explode (",", $str);
    $a = array();
    foreach ($s as $st) {
        $a[] = "<a href=\"".str_replace(" ","-",strtolower($st))."-tutorial\">{$st}</a>";
    return implode("", $a);

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